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Christian Meringolo knew very early on that he wanted to be a musician. Persistent experiments with the cassette recorder were followed by intensive guitar lessons from the age of seven to fifteen. Later followed the first bookings for events of all kinds. They were both confirmation and motivation for him.

His passion for the guitar (acoustic and electric) has remained unchanged to this day and after 20 years of experience he plays it with virtuosity and unmistakable style.

When asked about idols or the influences of famous musicians, he names Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Richard Ashcroft, Joe Bonamassa, Everlast and Johnny Cash. In 2007 he recorded his first album “Crescendo”. Some film and audio book soundtracks were followed by video clips from 2010 on, including the song Todo Puede Cambiar, on the occasion of the World Youth Day in Madrid. His second studio album “Life and Love” was released in 2012.

An all-rounder in the music scene, an individualist in style and musical expression, authentic and down to earth. This is how his fans describe him. Christian Meringolo himself describes himself as a native of Bonn with German and Italian nationality. Originally, he had the idea to move through the region as an Italian musician in North Rhine Westphalia. Meanwhile his live music is in demand throughout Germany, Austria and Italy.

His concert series “Christian Meringolo & Friends” was successfully launched in September 2016 and since then has been held annually at the Bonner Harmonie. Special guests on stage included Makeda, Rafael Cortés, Riccardo Doppio, Yasmina Hunzinger (The Voice of Germany) and Ricardo Marinello (winner of the first German Supertalent Show).

Beyond that the Italian thoroughbred musician accompanies the dream ship (MS Amadea), since 2019, on different travel sections around the globe.

Christian Meringolo and his band play between 80 and 100 performances a year for a wide variety of occasions. In 2018 the song compositions for his new studio album began, which is expected to be released in summer 2021.

Viva La Musica – Sempre

"Io e te"

What my costumers say

  • citizen foundation Rheinviertel
    Christian Meringolo played a concert fort he Bürgerstfitung Rheinviertel at „Bönnsch am Rhein“<br /> and fascinated intergenerational. The dancing audience would have loved to keep the musician on stage forever. Musically convincing and with a lot of charm and passion – a perfekt performance. Uncomplicated logistic planning and extremely friendly and pleasent communication. The Rheinviertel is a fan.
  • City-Marketing Bonn e.V.
    We want to sincerely thank you for a very pleasing and successfull performance on this years big Stage in front of Bonn City hall.
  • Bandonéon – Bonn
    Only the one who loves and appreciates quality knows how Christian Meringolo makes music: genius, sensitive and empathetic.
  • GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH, Management
    Our guests as well as our employees enjoyed the music very much. We would love to engage Christian Meringolo at any time.
  • Anna & Flo Bülles, Bride & Groom
    Charm, aura, voice – For us Christian Meringolo is absolute top class! He inspired and enchanted our guests! We would love to engage him for our diamond wedding in 2074 😉
  • Porta Event
    We have already worked a lot of times with Christian and his crew and are happy to do so the next time. Genious performance, excited audience, good songs and absolutey uncomplicated musicians – the collaboration as well as listening to the music is fun.


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